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What To Do When Someone Needs Assisted Living

Searching for an assisted living home

Is It Time For Assisted Living?

Sharon called me the other day, concerned about her mother after visiting her over the holidays.  “I found some pills on the floor in the kitchen,” she said, “and it looked like the laundry and housekeeping hadn’t been done for weeks.”  When she looked in the refrigerator, she found minimal healthy food and old, outdated leftovers. She shared, after visiting with mom for a while, “it was apparent that she was sad and lonely.”  “What should I do now?” she cried.  Is it time for Assisted Living?

Initial Thoughts of Finding The Appropriate Assisted Living Home

The long-term care search seems overwhelming.  There is a question of what is the right assisted living option, a small group home or a large community.  The person who can best choose is YOU.  You know your parents or other loved ones the best and you know if he or she would get “lost” in a big building or feel comfortable in a home with only eight, 11 or 16 people living there.  The large communities will have apartment-style living with a restaurant experience at every meal. You will need to navigate long hallways, elevators and a lot of people.

Benefits Of A Small Assisted Living Home

Colorado springs small assisted living option

Residential care homes will have an intimate setting where residents are part of a family, enjoying home-cooked meals in an actual home in a neighborhood. New Day Cottages has two homes on the north side of the Springs:  Turner House, with 11 people, located in a quiet neighborhood east of Academy and just south of Briargate Blvd (behind Whole Foods Market); and Pine Creek House, with 16 people, located two blocks east of Pine Creek High School on Howells Road.  Because we are small, we have the unique capability to see nuances of changes in your loved one, respond quickly to their needs and allow them to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible while being there to assist them as needed.  Our staff gets to know our residents and their individual likes/dislikes.  While we offer one menu for each meal, we have alternates available with a couple of hour’s notice.  We offer activities every day, but not all day long, like some of the larger communities.  “We want them to feel at home while giving them opportunities to exercise, play games, listen to musicians and get to know their neighbors,” said Steve Feldman, owner/administrator of New Day Cottages, Inc.  “We always have other activities available like jigsaw puzzles, practicing the piano, watching a movie, or getting together with other friends to play a game that’s not already on the calendar for that day.  Sharing life as a family is the best activity of all!”

When Sharon toured our homes, she immediately felt the warmth and comfort of an assisted living that makes caring for our residents our number one priority.  Instead of worrying about how her mother was doing at home, she could have peace of mind, knowing that she would be well taken care of and could visit her anytime she wanted, focusing on her mom instead of her home, her health, and her eating habits.  “When can we move my mother in?” she asked.  I explained that we had some paperwork to fill out, information from the doctor to receive and an assessment to complete with her mother before she could move in.  “Although we like a week to get everything in order, we have accomplished all of that in a matter of a day or so, when necessary,” said Steve.

Additional Help With Finding Assisted Living 

If you relate to the above story and feel like a small group home environment would be perfect for your loved one, please call us at 719-266-1100. With over 25 years of experience in the “world” of long-term care, I am happy and willing to listen to your story and help you find the best home for your loved one. You can also contact Kent Mathews at the Family Caregiver Support Center (Area Agency on Aging 719-471-7080) for more insight relating to your specific situation.

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