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What You Need to Know About Senior Assisted Living Options

what you should know about assisted living

Quick Tips on What to Know About Assisted Living Options

One of the most consequential decisions for a senior citizen is whether or not to make the move into an assisted living facility. It is a decision often shared by family members entrusted with the care of a loved one who could benefit from the advantages an assisted living facility has to offer.

Understanding what makes an assisted living facility ideally suited to the needs of a senior is important as they all differ in certain respects. Here in the Colorado Springs area there are over 20 choices alone. Before making a decision it might be helpful to examine just what is assisted living and what does it have to offer.

What Exactly Is Assisted Living?

In short, it is a domicile that provides seniors with long-term care, including their meals, transportation and the supervised management of their medications while assisting them with functions such as bathing, dressing and other personal care needs.

What Types of Services Should I Expect From Assisted Living?

While assisted living facilities share much in common in terms of amenities and services, there can be profound differences in such things as size of the residence, degree of medical care available, social activities and activities of daily living, (ADLs), which encompass the full spectrum of personal care needs. Some of the services one might expect, in one form or the other, include:

• Housekeeping services

• Transportation to and from shopping and activities

• Meals

• Laundry services

• Social activities

• Security and supervision

• Exercise and health activities

• Medical care

What Is the Cost of Assisted Living?

This can vary due to many factors including room size, location of the residence and services and amenities. Here in Colorado the average cost in 2014 was reported at over $3,500 a month.

Alternative Assisted Living in Colorado Springs

More often than not assisted living facilities tend to resemble apartment or condominium living for seniors complete with elevators, long hallways and cafeteria style dining. New Day Cottages, by virtue of their ranch style homes, offer the same services and amenities as do larger apartment or condominium style facilities, but with one very important twist: They offer senior assisted living in an intimate, family environment complete with home-cooked meals and nights sitting around the living room watching television, reading or engaged in conversation with friendly staff and fellow residents. Contact them today to schedule a visit.

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