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Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility in Colorado Springs

Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility in Colorado Springs

Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility in Colorado Springs

Choosing the right assisted living facility for a loved one is no easy task. As a family member, you want the absolute best for your loved one, a place where they will feel at home, receive personalized care, and form supportive relationships. But, finding such a place in Colorado Springs can be a stressful, especially when faced with the loneliness experienced by seniors in large facilities and the difficulty of forming supportive relationships with staff. However, there’s a solution to these pain points: small assisted living facilities. In this article, we dive into the world of small assisted living facilities in Colorado Springs, exploring what they have to offer and how they address the concerns of family members and seniors alike. 

Understanding Assisted Living Facilities in Colorado Springs

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living provides a supportive environment for seniors who require assistance with daily tasks but still value their independence. These facilities offer a spectrum of personal care services such as help with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and walking. Residents also have access to a myriad of health and medical services, including physical therapy and hospice. Every resident’s apartment has an emergency call system, and medication management is provided. Moreover, these facilities are equipped to care for residents with cognitive impairments.

Assisted living facilities are more than just care providers. They provide a sense of community, with social and recreational activities, exercise and wellness programs, and shared dining areas for three meals a day. Housekeeping, personal laundry services, and 24-hour security are also part of the package, and transportation is provided or arranged. In essence, assisted living facilities provide a safe, engaging, and supportive environment for seniors.

The Need for Assisted Living in Colorado Springs

With over 13% of its nearly 480,000 residents being seniors, Colorado Springs is becoming an increasingly popular retirement destination. The city offers breathtaking scenery, a pleasant climate, and abundant recreational opportunities. However, as seniors age, they may require some level of daily assistance, which is where assisted living facilities come in.

Choosing an assisted living facility in Colorado Springs gives seniors the opportunity to enjoy the city’s appeal while receiving the care and support they need. Seniors can maintain their independence, engage in various fun activities, and enjoy the outdoors, knowing that help is readily available when needed.

Average Cost of Assisted Living in Colorado Springs

The cost of assisted living in Colorado Springs varies depending on the residence, apartment size, and types of services required. The basic rate may cover all services, or there might be additional charges for special services. The majority of assisted living residences charge on a month-to-month lease arrangement, though some require long-term arrangements.

While the majority of assisted living residents pay for long-term care from their personal financial resources, some states offer “home and community-based waivers” that allow low-income residents to live in assisted living. More and more seniors are purchasing long-term care insurance to help plan for and finance their long-term care needs.

Understanding the costs and financial implications is a crucial aspect of choosing the right assisted living facility in Colorado Springs.


The Benefits of Small Assisted Living Facilities

In the quest for the ideal assisted living facility for a loved one, size matters. A smaller facility can provide a plethora of benefits that significantly enhance the quality of life for seniors. Here are some of the reasons why small assisted living facilities stand out:

Personalized Care and Attention

In smaller facilities, it’s easier to tailor services to the individual needs and preferences of each resident. Caregivers work closely with residents and their families to develop personalized care plans. This level of attention ensures that residents receive the specific support they require, promoting a sense of security and well-being.

Strong Relationships Between Staff and Residents

Small assisted living facilities foster a close-knit community where staff can form meaningful relationships with residents. This connection provides a level of familiarity and comfort to seniors, making them feel more at home. It also allows the staff to have a better understanding of each resident’s unique needs and preferences, thus improving the quality of care.

Homely and Comfortable Environment

Unlike larger facilities that can often feel impersonal, small assisted living facilities provide a homely and comfortable environment. They offer private rooms or apartments that resemble a home, adding to the sense of familiarity and comfort. Some even have community kitchens and gathering rooms where residents can socialize, watch TV, or engage in activities.

Group Interaction and Activities

Engaging activities and opportunities for social interaction are crucial for seniors’ mental and emotional well-being. Smaller facilities can offer a vibrant and engaging environment with a wide array of activities catering to residents’ interests. This fosters a sense of community, reduces feelings of isolation, and enhances residents’ quality of life.

Home Cooked Meals and Socialization

One of the often-overlooked benefits of small assisted living facilities is the provision of home-cooked meals. This not only ensures that residents receive nutritious and balanced meals but also provides an opportunity for socialization. Sharing meals with others can be a comforting and enjoyable experience, contributing to the overall enrichment of the seniors’ lifestyle.

In conclusion, small assisted living facilities like New Day Cottages provide a unique blend of personalized care, strong relationships, a homely environment, engaging activities, and home-cooked meals. These aspects contribute significantly to enhancing the quality of life for seniors and making them feel valued and cared for.


Comparing Large and Small Assisted Living Facilities in Colorado Springs

When on the hunt for an ideal assisted living facility for your loved ones in Colorado Springs, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of both large and small facilities.

Challenges of Large Assisted Living Facilities

Larger facilities often boast a wide range of amenities and activities, but they also come with their own set of challenges. One of the primary issues is the impersonal nature of care. Staff may be stretched thin, making it difficult for your loved one to receive the personalized attention they need. Additionally, the size of these facilities can be overwhelming, with long hallways and elevators that could deter residents from participating in activities and socializing, leading to isolation.

Advantages of Small Assisted Living Facilities

On the other hand, small assisted living facilities offer an intimate, homely environment that large facilities often lack. With a limited number of residents, staff members can provide personalized care and build strong relationships with each individual. Activities are easier to participate in, and the close-knit community encourages social interaction, helping to prevent loneliness and improve mental health.

Additionally, small facilities like New Day Cottages offer apartment-style living on a single level, making it easier for seniors to navigate the facility and engage with others. They also provide home-cooked meals, eliminating the stress of cooking and promoting socialization during meal times.

Making the Right Choice for Your Loved Ones

Ultimately, the choice between a large and small assisted living facility depends on your loved one’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle. It’s essential to consider their comfort, safety, and happiness in making this important decision. Remember that assisted living is not a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a tailored approach to providing seniors with a safe, nurturing environment where they can enjoy their golden years.


Spotlight on New Day Cottages: A Small Assisted Living Facility in Colorado Springs

When it comes to choosing an intimate, family-style assisted living home in Colorado Springs, New Day Cottages stands out as an exemplary choice.

About New Day Cottages

New Day Cottages offers an alternative to large senior assisted living facilities. With two facilities located in Northern Colorado Springs, they pride themselves on providing a warm and welcoming environment that their residents can truly call home. Their ranch-style homes are designed with safety in mind, ensuring that the entire living space, both inside and out, is on one level. Wide pathways and tastefully selected safety features are paired with bright and beautiful finishes, making the homes as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Services and Care at New Day Cottages

At New Day Cottages, the care and services provided are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. This includes guidance and support for the families, ensuring that the transition into assisted living is as smooth as possible. With compassionate CNA trained staff monitoring the residents throughout the day and night, immediate action can be taken when changes in their health needs arise. This gives families peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is well cared for.

Why Choose New Day Cottages

The benefits of choosing a smaller assisted living facility like New Day Cottages are numerous. With only 11 and 16 residents respectively, the staff can form personal relationships with each resident, allowing them to understand their physical and emotional needs in a way that larger facilities often can’t. The central community area promotes resident interaction throughout the day, making loneliness and isolation a thing of the past. Home cooked meals are provided in the family-style dining room, offering residents not only the chance to enjoy delicious food but also to socialize and interact with others during meal times.

New Day Cottages is committed to creating a family caring environment, where residents can enjoy their daily experiences through interaction and activities. If you’re looking for a place where your loved one will be treated as part of a family, rather than just another resident, New Day Cottages is the perfect choice.


Testimonials from Residents and Families at New Day Cottages

Harry Ness

Gratitude is a powerful emotion, and it resonates deeply in the words of Harry Ness. Harry expressed immense appreciation for the care his father received during his final years at New Day Cottages. The loving and caring staff, along with the homely ambiance and consistently excellent food, made his father’s stay a joyous one. Furthermore, the activities and holiday events added a unique touch, making New Day Cottages an exceptional assisted care venue.

Nancy Holly

Transitioning a loved one into an assisted living facility can be challenging. Nancy Holly’s experience, however, was overwhelmingly positive. When her mother-in-law moved to New Day Cottages, it was a lifesaver. The beautiful and well-maintained environment combined with a consistent, caring staff exceeded their expectations. Nancy appreciated the individual care her mother-in-law received, including the staff accommodating her meal requests.

Debbie F

For Debbie F, the acceptance and care her brother, a special needs individual, received at New Day Cottages was commendable. The staff’s friendliness, the home-cooked meals catered to the residents’ likes and dislikes, and the welcoming environment made the facility feel like home. Debbie strongly recommends New Day Cottages for anyone seeking high-quality care in a small, close-knit community.

Amy Secundy

Amy Secundy’s testimonial paints a vivid picture of New Day Cottages’ exceptional care. For her mother, who had been in many rehab and assisted living places, nothing compared to New Day Cottages. The beautiful home, caring staff, fresh daily meals, excellent activity calendar, and friendly residents made it an unbeatable choice. The joy and relief in finding such a place are evident in Amy’s words.

It’s clear from these testimonials that New Day Cottages offers an unparalleled level of care and attention. It’s a place where residents are treated like family, their individual needs are catered to, and their well-being is prioritized. If these experiences resonate with your expectations for your loved ones, consider exploring what New Day Cottages has to offer.



Choosing the right assisted living facility for your loved one is a decision that requires considerable thought, research, and personal consideration. It’s not just about the cost, location, or amenities, but also about the personal touch, the warmth of relationships, and the quality of care.

Small assisted living facilities like New Day Cottages provide a homely environment, personalized care, and strong relationships between staff and residents. The team at these facilities understands the unique needs of each resident and strives to provide the best care possible. Their focus on social interactions, group activities, and home-cooked meals creates a nurturing environment where residents can thrive.

When choosing an assisted living facility in Colorado Springs, consider the benefits of a smaller, more intimate setting. It might just be the perfect place for your loved one to call home.

Remember, it’s not just about finding a place for your loved one to live; it’s about finding a place for them to live well. And in the end, that’s what matters most.

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