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Assisted Living Colorado Springs

assisted living colorado springs

Choosing The Best Assisted Living Facility Near Me

When looking into a place for your aging mother or father, think small: big places will often force residents to walk long hallways, ride up elevators, and they’ll often avoid these annoyances by hiding in their rooms. New Day Cottages would like each resident to feel at home, and part of their family. By belonging to a caring group, that socialization can prevent loneliness by providing interaction throughout the day. With only 11 residents, the staff knows each person on a personal and emotional level, in addition to being aware their medical needs.

One of the most important things to consider is how crucial activities throughout the day are to the home that you’ll place your aging loved one in. At New Day Cottages, maintaining physical health through daily group activities is very important. You’ll often find residents playing jigsaw puzzles, watching old movies, or outside, chatting with visiting friends and family. Group exercise and things like singing hymns happen regularly, too.

The benefits of an assisted living community involve the provision of home-cooked meals, plus the opportunity to chat and catch up with the other residents. Without worrying about these time constraints, they can enjoy life’s other enjoyable moments. If cooking is a responsibility your loved one doesn’t want to handle, an assisted living facility can be a great fit.

Activities in Small Assisted Living Homes

Scheduled activities often boost the desire for a healthy lifestyle by encouraging movement and socialization. In order to maintain control over a resident’s personal life, assisted living can provide help when needed. By taking care of household chores, preparing meals, and assisting with medication, the resident’s can forget the details and enjoy beautiful Colorado Springs around them.

Is mobility an issue? Getting out of the house can be difficult, Running simple errands can be challenging if they don’t drive anymore.  To help with this difficulty, New Day Cottages offers transportation, and has apartment-style condos, plus everything is on one level. Without stairs, seniors can easily navigate the community and engage with others. 

Managing your medication is a difficult task. Quantity and frequency are medication issues that a senior will have to deal with. With overdosing or under-dosing being a significant risk, the staff at an assisted living facility can help remove stress with that.

With flexibility to improve ones’ own quality of life, a support team at an assisted living community can take care of the rest. Your loved one does not have to worry about cooking meals, medication, or transportation. Assisted living doesn’t necessarily mean a medical crisis, rather it’s designed to satisfy residents by completing chores so that senior’s don’t have to.

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