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Activities At New Day Cottages

Activities For Our Assisted Living Facilities In Colorado Springs

At New Day Cottages, we feel that residents should be engaged with fun and interactive senior activities throughout the day in many different aspects of their lives:  Physical, Emotional, Purposeful, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual. 

That’s why we have a variety of activities on the calendar as well as encouraging residents and families to engage in moments that are not on the calendar.  For instance, we have exercise class (physical) on the calendar Monday through Friday mornings, but we encourage our residents to take a walk on the sidewalks around our house to continue to maintain their mobility, get some fresh air and some warm sunshine. 


Socializing Activities

Socializing at New Day Cottages

We have “Koffee Klutch,” “Gazebo Gab Session” and “Table Talk” (emotional) to assist our residents with getting to know each other better, but we also encourage them to talk together over meals or over a jigsaw puzzle.


Gardening Activities

Gardening at New Day Cottages in Colorado Springs

We have a raised bed in the courtyard (purposeful) where the residents, staff and families plant herbs and vegetables.  This gives them the opportunity to water the plants throughout the summer and see the “fruits” of their labor (or should we say “vegetables?!”) as well as using the garden in our home-cooked meals. 

Games and Parties

Parties and Activities for Assisted Living

Games of all kinds, crafts, birthday/ holiday parties and a variety of music as well as family barbecues on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day (social) allow our residents to have fun and rekindle old hobbies, make new memories with family members and reminisce while they enjoy their favorite kind of music. 

Group Outings

Assisted living activities group outings

We also go on outings to the Garden of the Gods, Fox Run Park, high school and community theater performances, a trip to the mountains to see the fall leaves, a tour of neighborhood Christmas lights and much more.

Library Van

Mobile Library

The Pikes Peak Library Van comes monthly to both houses (intellectual), allowing residents to borrow books, magazines, movies and music for a longer period of time than they would going to the library itself.  The Library staff also engages the residents in a variety of trivia games, stimulating their long-term memory and increasing brain function. 

Religion Activities

Religious activities for Assisted living Colorado Springs

Finally, we have monthly church services and Bible Study classes (spiritual) at both houses, as well as music groups/individuals that come in to play hymns and other Christian music. 


So, as you can see, we engage our residents in all aspects of assisted living lifestyles.  We’d love for you to come join us!

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