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Communication With Family in Older Adults

Communication For Assisted Living Housing

In a recent Pew Report published in February of 2016 a study found that older adults living alone have less contact with their children and grand children than those living with others. The study found that 90% of older adults living with others stay in contact with their children weekly compared to 80% of those who live alone. However, the same study found the difference to be much greater when it looked at contact with grandchildren. For older adults with grandchildren only 43% of those living alone say they are in contact with their grandchildren on a weekly basis whereas those living with others was considerably higher at 60%. You can read more facts about older adults living alone versus those living with others here.

Communication with children and grandchildren

Communication with family for your loved one should be a top consideration when finding an assisted living home.  You should ask yourself if the home you are researching provides an inviting atmosphere for family to visit.  Does the home offer activities for family members to attend with their loved one?  Community and social interaction is important for anyone, particularly a loved one who may have lost friends or family in recent years.   The need to build relationships with others is critical to a fulfilled life and you want to be certain your loved one is spending his or her time in an environment that encourages and creates opportunity for social growth and interaction.

New Day Cottages provides activities and events for our residents and their loved ones that promote social interaction with other residents and communication with loved ones.  Our staff treats our residents and their family members and our own family.  We hope if you are in the process of researching assisted living homes in Colorado Springs you will contact us for more information or to schedule a tour.  We will be happy to send you a helpful guide to finding the right assisted living home for your loved one.

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