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Assisted Living Is A Tough Decision

Assisted Living Choice For A Family Member

So why did we choose it was time for an assisted living facility.  The decision to place your mom or dad (or any type of loved one or loved one for that issue) right into an assisted center is among the most difficult decisions a person can ever be asked to make. It was definitely the hardest thing I have discovered myself faced with. It doesn’t get all that easier once the decision has been made either.

Below I will certainly share with you some of the feelings I felt when it came time to choose whether or not my mommy must be positioned right into an assisted living area.

Selecting assisted living

Choosing Assisted Living FacilitiesJust the plain idea of giving up treatment of my Mom to an assisted living facility loaded me with fear. It filled me with fear to the level that I embraced the ostrich technique of hiding my head in the sand. It just was not me. The whole family was less than happy with the entire concept. Recalling, perhaps one of the most level headed of all was my mom herself.

To give you a concept of the situation, right here is a short look at my family’s situation, at the very least as it was before the relocation to an assisted living area. My mom had actually led a fairly healthy life however time had overtaken her as it does so many others. She started to battle with basic points like clothing as well as washing, neither of which was aided by physical ailments.

My spouse and also I both work while our kids are away at college. My Dad died several years earlier. This indicated that my Mother was alone most of the day, including mornings and late evening time when assistance was required the most.

As we reviewed it, eventually the subject of assisted living was broached. The three people (my mother, husband and I) reviewed it for the very first time. In order to decide the whole household needed to understand the advantages that assisted living may provide, as well as the adverse aspects for both my senior mom and also our household.

The advantages of assisted living

The major benefit was the on-site care aspect. Assisted living offered my mom the opportunity to have specialists assist her with points like clothing, personal hygiene and bathing. Following her moving into New Day Cottages, I can confirm that these benefits have actually improved her standard of living as has the day-to-day medicine round (she no longer neglects her arthritic pills).

She is currently far more positive, not in regards to her health. The Colorado Springs Assisted Living Facility additionally enables her to take part in a lot of social activities. Recently she went on a day out with some of the other residents (who we hear more about now than anyone). Before the move she had just stayed at home reading or viewing television.

From a household point of view, we really feel far more comfortable recognizing that she is safe, with somebody to look out for her in the mornings and nights along with people to take pleasure in the day with.  It is a load off of our minds. We can see in her face that she is happy each time we see her assisted living family, which leads us to believe we may have made the ideal option.

New Day Cottages has two Assisted Living Facilities in Colorado Springs to support your family members in this time of need.  See the Locations Below:


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