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Dealing With Difficult Aging Parents

Medication Elder care

Are Your Parents Ready For Senior Care?

Ah, the empty nest. Your teens have actually moved out of the house. You have time to take a yoga exercise class, have lunch with a close friend, or find a new hobby until Dad needs to move in with you due to the fact that he can no longer live alone. Taking care of aging parents is tough, despite how much you love them.

Caring for senior parents can be even harder when Dad isn’t cooperative. And despite the fact that he’s a grouchy old guy, he’s your grouchy old man and it’s your job to find an elder care solution that helps him. Here are 3 common elder care assistance problems and how to deal with them.

Medicine Breakdown

Elder care issues for assisted livingFailing to take medicines is among the leading reasons senior citizens move into Assisted Living or Nursing Homes.  To avoid moving your dad into a nursing home and keep them in your home longer, you’ll need to make sure he takes the required prescribed medications.

First, acknowledge there might be valid factors Dad rejects to take his pills: sickening negative effects, interactions with other prescription meds, price issues, forgetfulness, or dementia. Professionals say there’s another possibility.  They may be rebelling due to the reversal in roles. This parent, who spent a lifetime taking care of their children, is now being ordered to take the medication in the same manner as a 2-year-old toddler.

When you’re caring for aging parents, one way to overcome the medication breakdown is to permit them to really feel some control over the circumstance.  For example, give them a choice of what sort of snack or beverage she takes with their pills. Some experts suggest a reward or incentive system.  For instance, you could suggest, “Dad, you can watch your TV program after you take your medication.”

Silent Suffering

Generational beliefs sometimes prevent some seniors from sharing important health info or concerns with family or doctors.  While dad’s capability to suffer in silence may be his way of showing that he is still capable, it will not do a thing to alleviate pain, prolong life, or create elder care solutions.

If you’re caring for aging parents who are silent sufferers, then you will have to hone into their actions and habits to monitor their care. Be aware of little changes in behavior or appearance. Are Dads clothes beginning to sag from his body? When was the last time they bathed?  Is the refrigerator stocked adequately?  When was the last time the house was cleaned?  Observing little however vital changes will help you plan the best assisted living options.

Driving Issues

One of the biggest battles many families who are taking care of an aging parent face is talking to a parent about giving up their driving.  Whether Mom can no longer drive safely in traffic or your dad gets lost when he’s driving to your house,  you’ll need to act to keep your parent and other drivers safe on the road.

Some experts advise organizing an intervention. During this meeting, family members and friends can share concerns with your parent, in addition to facts about his/her driving efficiency has deteriorated. In severe scenarios, you may need to report your parent to the local DMV.

Overview on Aging Parents

Taking care of aging parents can be challenging, particularly when you find you need to parent your parent.  With patience, a bit of detective work and compassionate intervention, you can make your elder care solutions much more manageable.  At some point most people will have to move into some type of senior care facility.   This can be an assisted living home or a nursing home.  To learn more about assisted living homes in Colorado Springs, see more at

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